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Magazetini Leo Friday 21, April 2017.



As mankind we should understand that death is not the opposite of life, its part of it. Death has a way of leaving emotional anguish or grief that no one can heal, and we should accept that those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday - unseen, unheard, simply because we have their memories as prints that will live in our hearts for a lifetime.
There are a few facts about death that I would love to share today.
1. The greatest fear of mankind is death. This is the precise reason everyone is busy staying healthy. Jogging every morning, carefully following their medications and eating right. The thought of death is scary to mankind.
2. The greatest equalizer of all mankind is death. Rich or broke ( your money doesn't protect you from death) christian or Muslim, white or black, 15yrs old or 63yrs of age - death equalizes us all.
3. Death is the only appointment that every human being in this planet must meet. We are all going to die.
Because death is all this, as mankind we become powerless and helpless when it comes to death. Regardless of who u are, how old you are, how broke you are or how much power u have. Death really doesn't care. Death is in fact the only thing that we cannot delay, postpone or ignore. And each one of us in here today must meet death.
Therefore. The best thing we can do about death is PREPARE.
You must dress right for an appointment, right? Well, the best u can do is to also prepare for this undeniable appointment.
In most cases, we fail to prepare for death because we think we have enough time, and that is the trouble. Death is unstoppable and mostly unpredictable. Every second that goes by, might be the time you breath your last.

As we are gathered today, to mourn on the death of a coworker, sister , a mother and a friend, we should all understand that we can prepare, and by the time death is ready to meet us, we are ready to go.
Mark twain once said: The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time

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